Travel Wisconsin: Live from Summerfest 50

Travel Wisconsin: Live from Summerfest 50

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Luke Bryan, Paul Simon, Zach brown band, and the outlaw music festival. Bringing together music’s hottest stars with 900,000 people from around the world for an unforgettable live music experience. Spotlight is about to shine, 11 stages, great food and drinks along Milwaukee’s beautiful lakefront. Live from the shores of lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, “Travel Wisconsin” presents opening night of Summerfest 50.

[Laughter] Hello, Facebook fans, all of us at “Travel Wisconsin” are thrilled to have you from around the world joining us from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, live on Facebook to celebrate 50 years of summer fest, presented by American Family Insurance. I’m Stephanie, secretary of Wisconsin Department of tourism, also known as “Travel Wisconsin”. And I am standing on the Henry Maier Summerfest Grounds in front of beautiful lake Michigan. We have to give a very special thank you to Milwaukee’s own Harley Davidson for letting us set up next to their road house stage which you can see just behind me. Now, this place is cool. We wanted to come to you live last night for the big opening but mother nature had other plans.

We’re really excited to be with you tonight to kick things off, complete with Summerfest big bang fireworks. Yes! You know it guys. They’re rowdy back there. They’re rowdy.

In Wisconsin, Summerfest is as iconic as cheese , beer, and the Green Bay Packers. It’s the world’s largest music festival and one of the long est running in the world. People from around the planet come to listen to 11 days of the hottest stars in music. Enjoy great food and drinks and have fun with friends. In honor of the last 50 years we’ve got some great Summerfest stories lined up for you and we’ll have a performance by local band eagle trace.. Last night we talked with country music star Frankie Ballard, his album had three hit singles that went to number one.

Check it out. >> It is so awesome to meet you >> Pleasure’s mine. >> Stephanie: This is not your first time to to Summerfest, is it?

>> No. We were here with Luke Bryan last year. It was exciting. >> Stephanie: And now you’re a headliner, the man. >> I wish I was on the big stage but we are on a big stage. It’s really cool to be playing.

Whenever you get to play. >> Stephanie: That is the truth what would you say your favorite part about Summerfest, which is the world’s largest music festival, what’s your favorite part about playing here? >> I like looking out and seeing the fans. Getting into the summer months and these festivals, I look forward to them all year around. They’re just more exciting for the event it seems than any other event . So I think the Summerfest fans are psyched.

>> Stephanie: Having been to Milwaukee a few times, it’s a city on the move and a city fast. What are your thoughts about this city along lake Michigan? >> We got to go around today to the museum.

>> Stephanie: I love this sweater. Rocking it. >> As if they need anymore advertising.

>> Stephanie: It’s an awesome company. >> We were able to drive around a bit downtown. It looked like there was a lot of young people around. Lots of new condos and restaurants of the just an energy.

>> Stephanie: Well, we are just so thrilled to have you in Wisconsin. To have you at Summerfest. Thank you so much for your time. I know you have to get going.

There are thousands of people out there ready to hear this band. >> Soaking wet. >> Stephanie: This man can sing. It’s worth the wait and then some.

>> I’ll try to live up to it. >> Stephanie: The crowd is going crazy here at Summerfest. And last night the crowd here loved Frankie. What a talented guy. So hang on!>> They’re pumped up.

>> Stephanie: It’s always my pleasure to welcome another Summerfest fan and Harley rider. He is the governor of the great state of Wisconsin, Scott Walk er. Welcome, governor.

>> Governor Walker: Great to be here. What a crowd, huh? They’re psyched. >> Stephanie: What — Milwaukee is your area. How many Summerfests are have you been to? Give just about every one since the mid 1908’s.

Weds a little rain last night. I remember 1986, I came to watch IN XS and it got rained out. I was in the area right here, none of this great stuff like we see right now was there. We were on a park bench waiting to watch in the rain.

And the rain got high enough it almost covered the first layer of where we were standing. >> Stephanie: Oh, my goodness. Last night those storms were crazy. >> Governor Walker: But it’s great right now, the perfect time. The rest of this week, next week, the perfect time to be at Summerfest.

>> Stephanie: You’ve seen a lot of bands. Do you have a favorite? >> Governor Walker: I’m going to come back on Sunday night and watch the Steve Miller Band. And then next Friday we’re going to be back watching Huey Lewis & The News. In the 1980s we loved to come and watch them.

They got into the Hall of Fame here. We’ve seen them a couple of times since then and we’re going to watch them again next Friday. They are always excellent. >> Stephanie: For all of our Facebook fans, friends and fans who have never been to Summerfest, what would you say to them to get them to check this out?

>> Governor Walker: It’s the world’s largest music festival so you have to check it out. There’s something for everybody. Me, I’m approaching my 50s, almost the same age as Summerfest. So I love the classic rock. We’ve seen everything from Huey Lewis & The News, hall & Oates, Commodores last year. But you’ve got country, young acts, stuff kids in their 20s love.

800 bands, 11 stages, yeah, 11 days, all of these different stages. You got to check it out. Summerfest. Visit to find out more about the Summerfest and everything about the state.

>> Stephanie: How do you describe Summerfest. It’s hard to describe. >> Governor Walker: You pick up a vibe that you carry from one spot to the next.

We’re on the lake front, beautiful breeze. You get a little more inside, further west it’s a little warmer. You got — I love the roadhouse behind you, Harley Davidson. >> Stephanie: It’s awesome. >> Governor Walker: You’re going to see another great act tonight, every night.

I tell people all the time you might go to a state fire or county fair and see an impressive act, they’re like that every night, on every stage. >> Stephanie: The talent level here is crazy. Now, next stop we have a story about a group that has been coming every year since 1968. People recognize them by the shirts they wear. They’re a Summerfest institution with some very unique traditions like never using their real names while they’re here. So now they’re passing down their Summerfest traditions to the next generation.

Here’s their story. It’s hard to believe but we ever been here 43 years in a row, every day of Summerfest. >> Sometimes I would be late but we always find you guys because we have Hawaiian shirts on. >> Purpose of the Hawaiian shirt. You can always find a friend.

>> Mine are hand-made. My wife makes mine. I get a new one every year. This stage from the post part, beach boys, 70s, we’re talking, you know. And that was Hawaiian shirt thing.

Then it got to be a tradition. And the ladies who would run the beer tents would call us the shirts. >> Roy Orbis, who doesn’t follow him? >> Tina Turner. A zillion people in the audience here.

We used to know all of the bands. Not so much anymore. >> There would be huge squirtgun fights >> 25 years we brought squirt guns. >> Front page of the Wisconsin journal.

A large picture of me with a squirtgun squirting a photographer. We’re training the youngsters. >> Nieces and nephews, three, four generations. >> I don’t know if we should tell everybody this. We’ll really have a crowd now>> It’s the South Harley beer tent. Our true fester s, true friends.

They’re all here at 6:30. >> Summerfest is the best thing Milwaukee does. There’s nothing like this in the rest of the country . >> You can’t come just once >> It’s been tons of fun. Happy birthday, Summerfest.

Happy 50th, absolutely. >> Stephanie: Now, I’m telling you, those guys are incredible. Now we’ve got another really big guest to bring out. For two decades he’s been the voice of the Green Bay Packers so please help me welcome the one, the only, Wayne Larrivee.

[Cheers and Applause] >> Wayne: How are you doing, guys? What a night down here. >> Stephanie: Yes! >> Wayne: Does you see those guys with the shirt that said I feel left out? Pretty amazing. >> You can see anything at Summerfest.

It’s great. >> Stephanie: We know this isn’t your first Summerfest. >> Wayne: No.

>> Stephanie: Do you have a favorite Summerfest memory? >> Wayne: I do. My youngest son Brian and I, about seven, eight years ago, we’re stumbling along here in the main drag looking for food and all of a sudden we come upon a stage, I want to say the Miller Lite stage. There’s this group playing and it’s deep purple. You have to understand, going back in time when I was a high school senior, deep purple came online with “Smoke on the water.”

Well, they’re cranking it out for two hours. Brian and I stood on a bleacher seat and watched this thing. I had no idea they were here. But that’s the thing about Summerfest. If you don’t check the roster, you’ll find something here. It’s wonderful.And you both liked it.

>> Wayne: Yeah. He had no idea who deep purple was but he liked it at the end. Hard rock ‘n’ roll.

>> Governor Walker: My kids, too, journey, REO speedwagon. They love their own stuff but they enjoy ed that music. You can only see it at a place like Summerfest.

>> Stephanie: Do you plan on seeing anybody this year in particular? >> Wayne: Just so happens Paul Simon mix wife wants to meet Paul Simon, my wife Julie. We are going out west for Fourth of July but come Klay Thompson — coming back for one of my favorites, Huey Lewis & The News you got to love them. >> Governor Walker: Paul Simon. A little fun with all of that stuff. >> Wayne: Great stuff.

>> Governor Walker: How are the Packers going to do this year? >> Wayne: Scott, they’re a different team. It’s a different leadership dynamic in the locker room right now. But I love what they did in the draft. They had to get faster and bigger in the secondary and they did. With Kevin king, cornerback out of Washington.

With Josh Jones, safety. I think he may be their most impactful rookie this year. He’s a kid with 4.4 speed. He’s a safety. They’ll manufacture him to linebacker.

I think they’re going to blitz the quarterback with him a lot. He’s a sudden kid. Looks like he likes to to hit.

We haven’t seen anyone yet but we’ll see soon enough. >> Governor Walker: A lot of Packers shirts out here. We always see Packers out there. It’s nice to see brewers shirts and even bud shirts. People are excited about all of our great sports teams.

>> Wayne: How about the brewers? What a season. This is supposed to be a rebuilding team and they’re leading the division. It’s phenomenal what they are doing.

>> Stephanie: Yes. With the Packers, before you were the voice of the Packers, you were with the Bears. Tell us a little bit about your past in the world of broadcasting.

Sordid past. [Laughter] >> Wayne: I started out Kansas City. Second year out of college I got the job broadcasting Kansas City Chiefs football, which was great. And I met my wife Julie there in Kansas City.

She’s from Topeka. She was interning at the station. So we’re two young kids, you know, in Kansas City. It was great.

I was there for seven years. Bad years but for me wonderful to broadcast. Then the Bears job opened in 1985, WGN put a new group. I was working all of a sudden with Jim Hart, former quarterback, and Dick Butkus, doing the 1985 Bears.

And I’m saying, wow, you know, the best record the teams had at my time there was 9 -7 and lost six of their last eight to get there. So all of a sudden the 1985 Bears were like, Oh, my God. But it was great. It was fun. It was wonderful. My — you could ask my wife this.

My number one love had always been the Green Bay Packers. Ever since I was a kid, growing up in Massachusetts. They were the 60s Packers. I always said if I could do football on Sundays on the radio, I would love to do the Green Bay Packers. And I’ve always said that all along the way. This job opened up when Jim decided to retire.

He said, are you interested? I said, absolutely. And one thing led to another. >> Governor Walker: At Lambeau Field.

It’s like Wrigley, Fenway, you got to be at Lambeau Field. Whether you’re a Packers fan or not, it’s like going to a shrine. >> Wayne: So many people make a pilgrimage to Lambeau Field every year.

I have college friends, high school friends, come for that one game, that bucket list. >> Governor Walker: And people get treat well there I was surprised over the years not only for packer games but last year when the badgers and L.S.U. play ed, I still heard people say, wow, people were amazing, just so nice to us. Even though very competitive obviously.

The people treated them so well. >> Wayne: The L.S.U. people, I was doing the SEC tournament the spring before and the L.S.U. people said, Oh, my gosh, we can’t wait to go to Lambeau Field. So they got in days early and had a great time.

The other place you’re treated really well as a sports fan is Miller part h park. >> Stephanie: Yes. Yes. >> Wayne: From the person who takes your ticket at the gate all all the way through, they are great.

>> Governor Walker: And year in and year out you see in the rankings one of the best if not the best ballpark in major league baseball. >> Wayne: Absolutely. And Lambeau Field annually considered the best football venue in the NFL. We’re really blessed in Wisconsin with the sports teams we have and the venues. >> Governor Walker: And a new one coming up with the bucks.

— Bucs. >> Stephanie: Going to be gorgeous. Non-sports question. Tell us about one of your favorite places to travel in Wisconsin.

>> Wayne: Oh, gosh. There’s so many. Obviously I love going to play golf. All the courses it’s just such a special little place. But I love Dor county, the harbor. They’ve got golf courses, the water.

It reminds me so much of where I grew up going to vacation as a kid in Massachusetts on Cape Cod. It’s that kind of feel. >> Stephanie: You have excellent taste. >> Governor Walker: It’s a state park.

Wilson’s ice cream right there. Great spot to be. >> Wayne: Absolutely. >> Stephanie: You know what we haven’t discussed yet?

The great food and drinks here at Summerfest. So you guys, what are your favorites? >> Governor Walker: By far, I love the open-faced pull pork sandwich and fries pretty good stuff. >> Wayne: I like Charcoal Grill, a nice double hamburger.

>> Stephanie: I like it. I like it. >> Governor Walker: I’m hungry already. >> Stephanie: Nothing goes better on a hot summer night than a cold beer. And Summerfest has you covered. There’s one beer name that just goes hand in hand with Summerfest, Miller brewing company.

Miller has called this city home for 160 years and Miller Lite is the official beer of Summerfest. So next up, a short video about Miller brewing company. We’re going to answer the question everyone has been asking, exactly how much beer is served during this 11-day festival. Check it out. Welcome to the historic Miller brewing company. We’ve been here for over 162 years.

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