The best places to visit in Wisconsin

The best places to visit in Wisconsin

Wisconsin also referred to as badger state or America’s Dairyland is located in the Midwest and Great Lakes region of the United States, it is home to many desirable travel locations from big cities to national parks.

Offering a range of sites and attractions for thrill-seekers nature lovers and Families travelers can find amusement and relaxation year-round in Wisconsin though tourists should be prepared for any type of weather if they want to have the best possible vacation.

We could have made the list twice as long it was really hard to choose among the many beautiful places the State House, so explore the best of Wisconsin at the most beautiful places in the state that you never knew:

Number one Apostle Islands National Lakeshore along windswept beaches and cliffs visitors experience where water meets land and sky, culture meets culture and past meets present the 21 islands and 12 miles of mainland host a unique blend of cultural and natural resources. Visitors can hike paddle sail or cruise to experience these jewels of Lake Superior though today a walk along most trails on the Apostle Islands will give the hiker a feeling of wilderness.

It’s well to remember that not so long ago people called these islands home if you know what to look for you can still see evidence of their homes and workplaces in the island landscape sometimes the traces of past lives are easy to spot stone walls like fortress ramparts loom above the quarry pit number two big Manitou falls. The 160 five foot tall big Manitou falls in Patterson State Park near superior is the fourth tallest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains impressive for sure the water comes from the Black River meandering 22 miles southwest of the park on the Wisconsin Minnesota border as it passes through Patterson its first drop is actually 31 feet over little Manitou Falls then it reaches your inspiring big Manitou Falls

The best vantage point to see big Manitou is from the south where two overlooks provides head-on views of the waterfall. Another National Natural Landmark in Wisconsin and also the dual box of America’s major caves named a search for the delicacy of its formations number three is the Cave of the mounds the main cave began forming more than a million years ago as acidic water dissolved the limestone bedrock the cave was accidentally discovered in 1939 when workers removing limestone from a quarry blasted into rock revealed this stupendous underground cavern with rooms galleries nooks and crannies today more than 25,000 people visit the cave each year choose a hot summer day to visit the cave has the same temperature every day of the year oh cool 50 degrees [Music] number four Devils Lake State Park [Music] pebbles Lake State Park not far from Wisconsin Dells is the most visited state park in Wisconsin each year hundreds of thousands of visitors enjoy the 360 acre springfed Lake the 500-foot Bluffs teetering over it in the 30 miles of trails that comprise the trifecta of this natural wander scientists believe the bluffs were formed 1.6 billion years ago making them one of the most ancient rock outcrops in North America part of the Baraboo Range this ancient rock and roll’ consists of hill ranges surrounding a canoe shaped depression.

The Rangers are resplendent for their plum colored quartzite a metamorphic rock formed from sandstone but under great heat and pressure. Five high cliff state park and the Niagara Escarpment [Music] the locals call it the ledge the limestone cliff that runs through high cliff state park situated on the eastern shore of Lake Winnebago Wisconsin’s largest lake mine that this is no ordinary limestone cliff it’s the Niagara Escarpment a 440 million year old cliff that begins in Wisconsin and extends 1,000 miles to Niagara Falls in Wisconsin. This major land feature is rich with fossils old native force ‘land rare plant species caves waterfalls and is a migratory stop for birds in the spring and fall this Rock corridor also has petroglyphs pictographs and effigy mounds clues to the state’s Native American past no trip too high cliff is complete without scaling the lookout tower in the upper park where you can see 30 miles to the north west and south six the Dells of the Wisconsin River.

Sometimes called the Wisconsin Dells though this is often confused with a touristy town of the same name the Dells of the Wisconsin River is a spectacular 5-mile gorge on the state’s largest River this area about standing natural beauty boasts many unique sandstone rock formations canyons and cliffs some as high as 100 feet the Dells area is also home to an abundance of unique flora and fauna such as cliff cut weed found in only one other location on the planet and six species of dragonfly given its fragile ecological state it’s not the easiest place to access and those wanting to experience its beauty must user by boat.

A variety of regular excursions are available taking in both the upper and lower areas of this spectacularly beautiful region seven chain O Lakes if one Wisconsin Lake is wonderful then how would you describe 28 lakes all interconnected no less the chain O Lakes deep in the North Woods of Wisconsin is the largest inland chain of lakes in the world.

The depth of these lakes varies widely from one to the next providing sufficient space for whatever floats your boat be it water skiing wakeboarding pontoon cruising canoeing kayaking or fishing while the lakes themselves are 100% natural it was the work of humans that connected all of them dams were built to dam up the Wisconsin and Eagle rivers as a way to connect the lakes to serve the logging industry and generate electricity the chain O Lakes crosses villus and Oneida counties in a number of the lakes border the Nicolay National Forest on the east shoreline of the chain and this is wooded land that will never be developed [Music]

Amy Kahn Falls State Park the 825 acre 334 hectares park is located in South Range.Wisconsin southeast of the city of superior it features a series of waterfalls on the Omnicon River as it flows around a small island and under a historic covered bridge there are full waterfalls in Am need can pull State Park the Omnicon River Forks around an island with two waterfalls on each side upper and lower Omnicon Falls are certainly pretty especially with the old covered bridge over the Lower Falls and temperamental now and then Falls is interesting but snake pit Falls sounds like a badass place to go skinny-dipping 9 par fries Glen [Music] par fries Glen

Wisconsin’s first State Natural Area near the popular Devils Lake State Park the Glen is a deep gorge cut through the sandstone of the South flank of the Baraboo Hills. It’s cool dump and often foggy misty making for some creepy photo ops. The walls of the glamour Sunstone but with striations of various geological periods. This is a must for any rock and mineral lover.

Lakeman okra is a large lake in Oneida County. Tourists can find many vacation rentals around the lake and access the water from parks and public voting landings. The destination is most popular in the winter for snowmobiling and in the summer for water skiing and boating and throughout a year – pokies free games. Fish found in Lake Manawa include largemouth and smallmouth bass and northern pike.

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