Riding Through The Smoky Mountains!

Riding Through The Smoky Mountains!

I hope you all are having a great day. I’m with Dustin Gillan He’s the owner of mountain life power sports, and he has the first free legal four-wheeler in Tennessee I’m gonna take it over to him and he’s gonna tell you all about his bike. It’s a 2000 model 300 X It’s all do t approves signal lights hazard lights and also horn Vo2 approved wheels and tires, of course, we had to make custom adapters to make the wheels actually fit I get pulled over everywhere I go and then we get to educate the officers It has every requirement speedometer horn hazard signals mirrors tag elimination if you can imagine if it has it’s just a Lot of fun to ride you get a lot of weird look citizen’s arrest But I love it. It’s just different. Hopefully you guys can enjoy it as much as I do. Don’t break anything, please Yeah, I’ll try not to First time riding a street-legal quad, this is awesome And getting a lot of weird looks already First impression and rides like a four-wheeler.

I’m not too big into four-wheelers and motorcycle rides in WI, but it’s such a weird sensation tripping one down the road And this is the 300 exc. Definitely regrets that a little bit probably should have done over 400 e X there’s something a little bit bigger. But he’s planning a full custom build in the future But I guess he gets hassled at non stopped by the local law enforcement there’s another guy that I actually tried to do one of these builds and he Did not do it right cutting a bunch of corners. They gave him a really bad name So it’s definitely not widely accepted yet But he’s helped with a lot of conversion kits and you’ll probably see a lot more of these on the road This is also in Townsend, Tennessee, by the way What a good spot to turn around Take a little racetrack there here Whoo Just like that guys off the street onto the trails that is pretty cool See if we can top it out Whoa a little sketchy not gonna lie I just can’t get over this guys. This is so cool I’ve been wanting to do this myself for a while.

So that’s something you’re interested in. Go ahead Let me know but it’s definitely everything. I hoped it to be so far If you can’t do two wheels definitely consider this an option man, we were in the trailer hood right now In an area like this with a bunch of twists and turns always it’s a blast. He said a couple of the spacers are a little bit off So it does have some wobble to it, but they’ll get it fine-tuned in their next custom build They’re looking to invest like twenty thousand dollars into a full build.

So if that would be pretty sweet I guess we’ll take it to the dead end I mean how fun would it to be to go ripping through a city on a four-wheeler? It will be like, what the heck? Like I say get ready to deal with some cops, though Oh drift around that corner All right, we vent met the end of the road and we’re in the holler let’s get out of here boys Oh to win it Sebring wheelie uphill try again Then in wrong way Oh man, I thought I was putting it down there Oh my god, this thing is sick Give it sir Coming in hot Oh, man, I could do this all day That just feels so weird literally I don’t think a single person has not stared at me Well guys I’m gonna keep this short and sweet and just enjoy myself because this is a lot of fun But if any of you guys are interested in doing something like this, I’ll leave his information down in the description below I Got lost in the hoggar neighborhood. It’s like a private road back there.

Let’s say appreciate it man Definitely a weird experience man. I don’t think a single person didn’t like stop to stare at me Like what the heck is this four-wheeler doing ripping down the roof? I’m gonna do my best to give you Heck. Yeah, go for it Whoo, how’s a rush man? I was ripping that thing through some tight turns in there like you saw It does man you can really get it.

That’s fun Yeah Really give it to it. I hope you enjoyed this video a really cool idea I hope to do one in the future But if you want to do anything like that I’ll leave its contact information down in the description below hit them up if you have any questions and even builds them so if that’s something you’re into.

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