Nation of Patriots. Patriot Riding Tour

Nation of Patriots. Patriot Riding Tour

“Let every Nation know whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, and oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” –John F.

Kennedy The Nation of Patriots and the Patriot Tour works to unite a divided nation and honor military sacrifices. During one of the most divisive times in American history the Nation of Patriots works to unite the citizens of our great country under the banner of Patriotism. It seeks to honor all Military personnel through improving the lives of those who served to protect us. The Patriot Tour was first conceived of in 2009 by Bill Sherer while carrying the American flag on his motorcycle to create awareness for his buddies, mostly veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan War, who made sacrifices on behalf of our country.

It has now evolved into a nationwide effort. The Patriot Tour, a Non-Profit, all Volunteer organization raises money to help families of wounded veterans. While the Nation of Patriots promotes its mission and message most visibly each summer through the Patriot Tour, this cause is so much more than a motorcycle ride. “Our Mission is provide financial support to the families of wounded veterans, but we also want to bring the nation together to proudly wave the flag of freedom, and honor the sacrifices of all Military personnel, past, present, and fallen.” –Bill Sherer In 2015, records indicated that 307,000 american veterans passed away while waiting for services from the V.A.

Hospital. Men and Women who put their lives on the line for everything we have in this country. These people died waiting for services that we promised them. It’s easy to blame the Government, but this is not a Government problem, this is an American problem, and we need to stand up and fix that problem. Stand up as a United States of America.

It’s on us. Now entering its seventh year, the Patriot Tour travels all forty eight contiguous united states in one hundred days. “The cause is not just those one hundred days, it’s year round, we’re constantly working, spreading the message, spreading the cause. You know the easiest thing to do is look someone in the eye and ask, ‘Are you a patriot?’

“Put all politics aside, this effort has to do with helping these people, who get paid little to nothing, that have paid the ultimate sacrifice to allow us to have our opinions. This goes back generations – grandfathers, fathers – I get to live in the world because of them. I don’t know anybody who hasn’t been touched, or had a family member serve. It’s why we do this. It’s all about them.” –Brad Webber

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